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Spot the Idiosyncrasy

I was recently skimming through an online edition of one of the national newspapers. As we may all appreciate, the news in Kenya, for quite a while now has been full of politics, stories of doom and gloom whose editing too many a time leaves a lot to be desired. There are also lots of sensational stories, mostly relating to sex, relationships and marriage to catch the eye of the reader without any particular interest or direction. I usually gloss over most stories and on a Sunday morning, I look for a news article with some positivity to it, an encouraging story of triumph despite obstacles or an innovative idea seeing light, with a chance to excel.

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Exponential Potential

This is a tricky one. At the centre of our progressive thinking, we’ve placed so much emphasis on education. We’ve heard, many times without a number, how a well-educated labor force is important in achieving economic growth of a country, that with higher education, prosperity and wealth creation can be achieved.

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Before They Were Kings

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. ~ Walt Disney

Before he was a king, he was dropped from his high school basketball varsity team and placed in the junior varsity side due to his height. He was 5’10”. His shooting was merely good, his defensive ability mediocre. He went home, locked himself in the bedroom and cried. Years later, he would emerge as the greatest basketball player in the history of the game, with numerous awards, including 5 MVP awards.

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The Beautiful Imposter

Nothing for something. That’s what you are left with when you allow your testosterone to engage in the sixth gear, as you end up behaving like a teenager with hormonal imbalances. Not a free ride that your lustful body craves for, not a gift from an ungrateful recipient of your biased generosity. Read the rest of this entry »


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Pedal to the Metal – a Thrill to Kill

What good is speed if the brain has oozed out on the way? ~ Karl Kraus

It’s a fatal attraction, the need for speed. The desire to explore the full potential of the hot wheels and the magnificent engineering makes an ego get turned on, get a rush from driving. The pleasure in seeing the speedometer hitting triple figures and going, as the car nonchalantly zooms past others with impatient ease, can result in noise growing from an eerie, stunned silence. Powerful but grave.

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Tipping Point

ArtCaffe certainly got people screaming blue murder. They dropped a brick into the pond, and duly disturbed the water. Even the weather has reacted. This week has been freezing cold. Croissants may have ignited the social media waves, but that little spark was soon to burst into a mighty flame.

Racial discrimination in your own country borders on the absurd, and as the vitriol continued being poured, fueling the flickering embers into action once more, with rebuttals completing the combo, something that had been brewing beneath was soon to be uncovered.

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Tax-i Please!

So our lawmakers want to make changes to our country’s tax regime. How interesting. I mean, seriously. These elected members want to ensure that those earning sh50000 and below are tax exempt. Also on their to-do list is a reduction of the fuel levy and lowering of the Value Added Tax from 16% to below 10%, in order to make life much more bearable to the common citizen.

They don’t stop there. Next is a cutback on the salaries of all state officers by 57%, including the President, his deputy and the judiciary, and cutting down the salaries, membership and budgetary allocations of constitutional commissions so as to bring down the ballooning wage bill and free up resources for development.

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