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Tipping Point

ArtCaffe certainly got people screaming blue murder. They dropped a brick into the pond, and duly disturbed the water. Even the weather has reacted. This week has been freezing cold. Croissants may have ignited the social media waves, but that little spark was soon to burst into a mighty flame.

Racial discrimination in your own country borders on the absurd, and as the vitriol continued being poured, fueling the flickering embers into action once more, with rebuttals completing the combo, something that had been brewing beneath was soon to be uncovered.

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Love-ly Talk

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. ~ Aristotle

Surely you are sick to the bone marrow with it all. You must have had enough of the escapades, affairs, dramas, raunchy talk shows and cheating spouses. You hate the lack of commitment, honesty and faithfulness shown by supposed love birds in relationships. You hate it so much you have to put an alarm earlier than normal to hate it even more.

You can’t believe it. True love is at risk of being bullied and intimidated. It is now at the mercies of egos that seem to believe they are doing others a favor simply by being in a relationship. What we witness is the melodramatic type that only leads to heartbreaks and emotional disorders.

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