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I am One with You

Somehow politicians have been convinced that negative campaigning pays off in elections. ~ George McGovern

What will be discovered after Monday 4th General Elections is the extent to which we’ve changed as a country. As the political embers continue flaring up, a return to the haunted grounds of the 2008 post election violence is something we’d be happy to see fully exorcised. February 28th marks five years since madness was prevailed upon, what with the signing of the National Accord. And yet, despite these times that pull us back into our tribal and partisan cocoons, it’s important to know who we really are. Read the rest of this entry »

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Heartbreak Hotel

The entrance looks gracious, just like you had pictured it. The reception is warm and welcoming. You enter looking for peaceful nights ahead, for style and substance. What you have is an excellent choice, you think. The ambience then takes over with lighting striking the curvaceous arrangements. A refined touch. Certainly.

You expect high standards. From the look, it’s ideal. Very romantic. Your few steps take you along the sea front promenade at night. The soft lights, palm trees and sounds of the sea accompany you, while the sand washes your feet. This is what you always wanted. Heaven. Read the rest of this entry »


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Mummy, you’re so Sweet

Money is a scarce commodity. That’s what they teach in Economics classes. It’s a scarcity that creates a high demand and desire for the shilling in order for one to live a beautiful life. It makes a man, any man, crave that comfortable life; living large, having a sleek car and designer wear, with money burgeoning in the bank account, a life of creating a business empire, visiting up market destinations and making a posh residence his humble abode, et cetera, et cetera.

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