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Wedding Patrol

“Your wedding is not an emergency!” That’s what you need to be told by anyone who has your best interests at heart. Not a congratulatory note or a pleasant chat when funds are not available, not an arm around the shoulder or a friendly smile when the whole process is simply getting too complicated.

What you need is a firm grip around your head and a piercing look straight into your eyes, with brutal honesty breathing sense into your emotional being, advising you that money is like jet fuel, wedding the take off and marriage the flight. You don’t want a perfect take off only to run out of fuel midway your journey.

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In Pursuit of Happiness

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions. ~ Dalai Lama

You may be forgiven for thinking that your life is set on miry clay. That under the thick skin of food and fuel prices heading for the stratosphere, insecurity, layoffs in form of restructuring cruising past , constant blackouts, poor infrastructure like drainage systems, with disposable income levels falling and the uncertainty of looming elections, lays hopelessness in torrid times.

The problems you face seem numerous to you as you continue waiting for ‘Serikal’s’ intervention. And yet, like the proverbial phoenix, you forever and a day rise from the ashes and soar like an eagle, even when disaster seems imminent. You’ll always find something that gives you fits of hysterical laughter, something that cracks your ribs, something that gives your emotional being its dosage of pleasure and the desire to look beyond the next day.

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Money AND the Box

God made man. Man made money. God gave wisdom, for man to make more money. ~ Munene Gangi in Turn your Lemon into Lemonade

Money vs. character. Seems to be the great debate of our time, doesn’t it? Now in an ideal world, we wouldn’t have to have this discussion, because character would not be optional. We would all be upstanding citizens, devoted to the betterment of society, exuding brotherly love to all and sundry, engaging in the constant pursuit of spiritual and moral growth, and praying to our respective Gods no less than three times a day for good measure. In an ideal world.

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What’s in the Box?

Call me crazy, but money can either make or break you. A man is mainly character, but nowadays most women have forgotten about character and choose money. I still believe money can NEVER buy love.

Of course it will get you great wheels, a good house, a good lavish life but let the truth be told, even if a man has all the money in the world, without character, he’s nothing to hold on to. Only a woman not worth will hold on to a man just for the money, because a hardworking one will work hard enough to take care of herself.

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Another Dawn

Necessity of action takes away the fear of the act, and makes bold resolution the favorite of fortune. ~ Francis Quarles

Like the aroma of a fleshy juicy piece of steak dripping with flavor as it smokes on the backyard grill, this New Year serves yet another round of a spectacular buffet of desires, goals and resolutions. Our minds and hearts will be playing the focal points as we seek to brutally annihilate any doubts, fears and obstacles appearing en route to a memorable year.

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