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The Best You Ever

Okay, a lot has been said about this subject, but it won’t hurt if I say just a little more. Honesty and respect have been flushed down the toilet, and now the more ridiculous your lies are, the more popular you become. We won’t even talk about respect; its dead spirits might be awakened and believe me, no one wants to witness the wrath of one who was wrongfully sentenced to death.

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The Ultimate Feather

What is the ultimate feather on your cap? The one, once you attain, will signify that your life will not have been in vain, that you will have, in Paul’s words, ‘fought a good fight’?

Might it be graduating top of your class in the University, or merely graduating? Might it be owning and running your own establishment of whatever size or heading the one you are employed at? Marriage, perhaps? Having children? And seeing them excel and become their own person?

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Your CIA Role

In terms of the formation of long-term relationships, it’s far better to get false negatives than false positives. ~ Eric Pepke

There’s always that warm fuzzy feeling, as the clock counts down to the wedding day. You’ve done all you need to do; paid the dowry, got the engagement ring, called upon your Committee of Experts to handle the logistics, while dipping into their purses and wallets simultaneously. You’ve been assured of a convoy of sleek cars and fuel guzzlers that will give your backside a relief from the stiff matatu seats.

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