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Role Play

As the dawn breaks and darkness fades, a mute falls over the crickets. Enter the cock crow and the bird chirps, applauding and cheering as the new day ventures forth. There’s a non-verbal, almost unnoticed, exchange as light appears, with a promise of passing on the baton again at sundown. Perfect tandem.

And so goes the clock work on our terrestrial system. Tick-tock, as day and night maintain their consistency. Spring warms the frosty earth after winter, and with it comes the promise of new life. Summer’s blazing heat whets the earth’s appetite for rain, and prepares its palates for the coming harvest. Autumn brings with it a bounty from nature’s storehouse, just before winter shuts down all systems for hibernation and recuperation, to allow for sufficient replenishing before another cycle of hard work.

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You’ve obviously heard this one before. It’s the one from financial advisors and your next door armchair expert. It’s the one about reducing your loan amount by making extra payments during the course of the loan period. They say that, not only will you be able to pay off your loan sooner, but you’ll also reduce the total amount of interest paid on the loan that is calculated on a reducing balance interest rate basis.

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Nerve(less) of Steel

Faith is evidence of things hoped for, of things not seen.

You’ve been waiting for your life to smolder, then crackle and sparkle, but the apparatus of your dreams is busy getting dismantled. The ecstasy that was once going through your veins is no more, the ‘eureka’ that was being released from your mouth is fast fading. You’ve become clueless as you watch your life bear no fruit, your soul has been aging as you come apart at the seams.

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