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End of an Error

A heart’s journey of a thousand broken pieces begins with one slight mistake.

They say human is to error, but some errors are costly. It starts off innocuously; an ogle, a hug, a chat, a lie, a surge of attention. And sooner than long, foolishness is looking straight into your eyes, before bursting into laughter. Torture then invites you for lunch, orders a five-course meal and passes the bill to you, before slapping you sober. You can’t complain, you can’t deny it. You should have seen it coming, that small ripple turning into a tsunami, that small rock tripping you, the giant.

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Fair Game

Conflict is a minefield in the piece of land called relationship, very much part of life yet so badly handled by many. Those in love want to know how to resolve it well. When do you fight and why, for how long and for what reason? When do you let things slide? Is there a three-step process involved; (1) spot a conflict from afar, (2) nip it in the bud and, (3) smile and live conflict free?

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