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The Ugly Truth

Marriage is three parts love and seven parts forgiveness of sins. ~ Lao Tzu

If you found out your spouse had a love affair, it would knock the living daylight out of you, a blow so massive to your mortal being it would numb every part of your nervous and emotional systems. Unsolicited opinions from backseat drivers and your very own kitchen cabinet would spiral into the stratosphere as you get bombarded to a saturation point that makes you wish last year’s Harold Camping’s Judgment Day prophecy on the world ending had actually occurred.

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Knight in Shy Armor

Soft is the music that would charm forever; the flower of sweetest smell is shy and lowly. ~ William Wordsworth

He looked so pitiful and tormented as he stared at the window. It was a look of discomfiture, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. But again, I couldn’t understand it.

“Let me get this straight,” I interrupted the silence, “You made a two-thousand kilometer return journey by bus, across the border, spent a full weekend with your love interest, and you couldn’t gather the courage to tell her how you feel about her or make her see how she fits in your grand scheme of things?”

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What Men Want Women to Hear

Mr. Suave

I met him along my travels; almost 6 feet tall and what they call dashing. I’d heard the word before but had never really associated it with a living man as I did with him. He was a couple of years younger and had a smile that would cause a pride of lionesses to swoon – I know, if he lived in a game park, cubs would stare as their mothers drooled over that young lion, never mind that he had no mane. His hair was cut short, his body athletic and so proportionate one would think the Maker took to a whole mathematical set when creating him.

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It’s easy to get a loan unless you need it. ~ Norman Ralph Augustine

You are back once again in the realm of unsecured personal loans. You know the script by now; don’t touch if your interest is in luxuries for own sake. Ah, you’ve tried hard to fight that temptation but to no avail. You’ve actually given your best shot. It’s just that these funds are tantalizing bordering on your account. What the heck, with your pay slip as the only security, you go home with an account chocking with currency.

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