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Back in Circulation

It’s been eight years, well not quite, but certainly heading there fast in a Lamborghini. Eight years since my clock had two hands. Eight years of groping around in the dark, trying to place my foot where I thought was safe, only to slip and get hurt or tumble down the hill, really breaking some bones in the process. Eight years of walking in the field of time alone, Read the rest of this entry »

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Show it Your Way…

Other than the obvious reason that MG has no clue what to say about Valentine’s Day, there could be two more reasons why he asked me to be a guest writer ( again!) on his blog. MG believes that the times I have had Adams tell me ‘…mimi mateka, mimi pumbavu wa penzi lako…’ are a zillion.

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Be The One

This is an amazing sermon, that is deep and true.


Is there a better way to find Mr/Ms Right? Today we’re starting off a new series called ‘Finders Keepers: how to find and keep the One’. We want to learn some foundational principles from scripture about how to enter and conduct healthy romantic relationships. Some of us are hoping to enter such relationships and I pray this month will help you learn how to prepare for one. Some of us are already in a relationship or are married and I pray this month will give you a great opportunity to evaluate your relationship and learn how to grow it. Some of us are not interested in a romantic relationship; we’ve been hurt by one or we’re just not ready. And that’s fine too – I pray you’ll have a chance to learn more about yourself and the type of person God wants you to be.

Read Genesis 29:31-35 [NIV]

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License to Thrill

The craziest idea is to think you have alternatives. It’s lunatic and bizarre to argue that other options, outside your marriage, are available in your quest for sexual fulfillment. If you truly wish to avoid this marital terminal disease called infidelity, you know where to start. Read the rest of this entry »


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