Expiry Date: The Big Three-Oh!

17 Jan

I’m particularly keen on checking the expiry date on products whenever I perform my monthly supermarket ritual. Reason being, I’m rarely in the house, I’m a poor eater and cooking is not a hobby but a necessity so that I do not collapse. The longer anything I buy stays, the better it is for me.

I turned 30 this year, the expiry date of a woman…well according to my aunties, pals and my mum’s friends. As the day approached, I was very curious as to what would happen. The nasty descriptions I had heard had made it seem like doomsday, like what pastors keep saying about the end of days. That was enough to keep me tossing and turning on the night of the eve.

When morning came and everything remained the same, I had to move on with life, go to work, pay taxes, deal with the traffic and anything else a normal grown up would do. It then hit me; these labels can prevent you from achieving your goals and dreams, if you are not careful enough.

I must admit, it was a great achievement hitting 30. I had achieved so much on this earth, from learning how to walk to building a career. I’ve experienced great love and great laughter, I’ve fallen in and out of love, I’ve cried my heart out when I was hurt, and tears always run down my cheek when someone cracks an incredible joke.

I’ve learnt that relationships are more real; whether it’s between lovers, friends, family, acquaintances or colleagues. You get to keep the necessary people in your life very close to you, those who would know what exactly makes you tick. It’s about relating wisely; not having over 200 friends and only five can bail you out.

Relationships with the opposite sex are more mature and deeper. The focus shifts from talking about the movies or music you like to being there for each other through thick and thin, having real talk, enjoying each other’s company even when you have nothing to talk about, laughing about the silliest things and letting go of small petty fights.

Somehow I feel my body has started to slow down. I can no longer go out the whole night unlike the 12hr stunts during my campus days. These days, I start at 11pm and by 2 am I’m already tucked in my bed. Though I love dancing, I cannot do it for eight straight hours. I cannot stand alcohol, though I’ll handle a glass of wine at most.

I can no longer catch up with the latest songs, what with being at the office, evening hook ups, that Masters class and weekends with the family. The best I’ll be doing is humming away to avoid looking dumb. I can no longer rock 5-inch heels, even though I’m into shoes like a problem. Either they are more rounded than sharp, or they are sneakers and low boots.

By 30, you will have found your purpose in life or about to find it. At this age, you are no longer falling over work or in relationships struggling to impress. You are yourself and things get much clearer. You tend to kiss slower, love slowly and take time to know someone before getting serious with them.

In essence, turning 30 is not an expiry date. It’s about having a deeper meaning and finding your purpose in life. Getting children is not a hard task, let no one kid you. Have fun trying to make them. Nowhere in the bible does it say once you hit 30 it gets trickier getting a child. So let things happen when they are meant to happen.

By hitting 30, you won’t miss out on anything and there’s so much to come. The best part is this; you know what you want and you won’t struggle to find it. Remember, you are still in the running for top 40 under 40, if career is your thing. Yes, life begins at 40, and by then you’ll be much wiser in life. Make sure you have fun as menopause is just around the corner.

The Big Three-Oh, there’s nothing expiry about it. I simply love it.



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7 responses to “Expiry Date: The Big Three-Oh!

  1. Project44

    January 17, 2012 at 12:18 pm

    I have to say that when I saw the start of it about the supermarket,i said “holiness,Munene has turned this blog into a forum to review supermarkets?” he he he

    @ Marisa,me thinks all that stuff about not dancing and not rocking heels is all in the head 🙂

    I would like every Eve who is turning 30 or has already turned 30 to read this piece and see that actually,life does go on…….it is not a tragedy ! The big 3-Oh in great !

  2. anniespice

    January 18, 2012 at 3:07 pm

    Good stuff… life does actually go on.

  3. Butterscotch

    January 18, 2012 at 10:14 pm

    I agree, life does go on and on and on ;). Get your dancing shoes on or better yet, take them off and get your groove on 😉

  4. Shiko-Msa

    January 25, 2012 at 12:18 pm

    Ain’t no expiry about 30. I think its a most exhilarating time. You’ve not yet withered into an old prune, life is shaping up, if you’re lucky you’ve done the riff raff jobs and settled into a career, you’re making a lil more cash, you’re calmer and more focused to handle stuff, menopause is still a few eons away, and hey! you can still rock heels and dance the night away!

    In short you still have all your chances intact, with the benefit of making more mature choices. What could be better?

  5. nyagaks

    April 10, 2012 at 8:05 am

    Am several months away to the big 3 oh and before reading this i would always wish that time would freeze and pause so that i dont get there..but now am ready to crossover….
    Thanks Marisa …Good Stuff

  6. nasaye

    September 24, 2012 at 7:26 pm

    So what’s the dealio with hitting the Big-three-o??? And what’s the Big-three-o anyway?? I just hit it and I feel like I have been caught in a time warp of sorts. I feel revitalized and alive. And I can even predict the future now, not because of any special powers, but careful study and life experience.

    @ Marisa : Bless you!

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    September 18, 2013 at 3:26 am

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