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Please forgive me…

Everyone says forgiveness is a lovely idea until they have something to forgive ~ C.S. Lewis

What matters most is how you react to a wrongdoing. Whether you keep your composure and ignore it, whether you hit the roof on your way to the stratosphere, whether you brush aside the sorry-laden appeal, or whether you actually forgive and mean it, but it still resides at the dark corners of your mind.

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Letting Go…

Often times, depending on how long we have lasted in a relationship, we can tell whether it’s working or not. Nonetheless, even with unresponsive vital signs, we still make that decision to continue being in the relationship, signs and reasons which vary from one individual to the other.

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A Thorny Flight to Rose County

The camera lingers for a moment, capturing you and your lovebird ecstatic at being the globe’s newest couple. The glorious occasion, sealed with a kiss, is the perfect send off to your field of dreams in the unchartered world of marriage. Joy, excitement, intimacy and adventure consume you as you resonate with Michael Jackson’s ‘This Is It’ title show.

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Do I need my Rib back?

Just so that we are clear, I have an abundance of love for the girls. The way I see it, they make life exciting and worth the trouble. I may have mentioned in the past that if not for girls, the great Cape to Cairo trek would never have been done. I have no idea why Edmund Hillary decided to scale Mount Everest, but I have a feeling that it may have in no small part to do with his future wife Louise.

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Aatchoo!! Sorry, I’m Allergic to being Single

It will not be a thought greatly preoccupying anyone married or dating, but as the earth moves beneath our feet, as we feel the motion, the tremble and the change, for the single, it may slow down to a standstill. There’s little joy when you are all alone, when you yearn for someone to love you, someone to accept you as you are, someone to call your own.

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