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Saving Private Moola

What a year this has turned out to be, economically, that is. The manner in which our pockets have been hit by the weakening shilling, the rise and rise of food and fuel prices, and interest rates, with inflation headed to the stratosphere and growth experiencing gravity, has really left the pinch excruciating.

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I Do, Over and Again

He spun around, his head in his hands. His expression echoed disbelief. How did this happen, he seemed to wordlessly implore. This was after infidelity had wrecked his marriage. This was after abuse had crippled his relationship. This was after economic hardships and financial disloyalty had sabotaged a life long journey. Read the rest of this entry »


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The F Word

The F Word by Project44 – Eve and Adam: Restoring Sanity in Relationships

This is deep… I could not put it any better. Check it out…

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I Think I Love my Spouse

There’s been so much outrage surrounding infidelity all the hot air seems to have affected our country’s climate. From marriages to normal relationships, the devastation and heartbreak many are experiencing is making dreams and desires come a cropper. Sadly the more the outrage, the more infidelity becomes a norm. Our state of affairs; many people have been hurt, many more in the process.

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