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When your Work is Wack

It’s 6am and you are prepared to leave your humble abode to face the trauma of traffic. Two hours will be the time it will take you to reach your workplace. It’s another week, another cold and dreary Monday. You can’t wait for Friday to happen. Midweek holidays are your best friends. Anything that will get you out of this monotonous routine you call work. Anything.

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Why would I get Married?

Ask randomly and you will be told that marriage is similar to jumping from the frying pan into a blazing furnace. Meet anyone in the streets and on their foreheads will be the words ‘Be afraid. Be very afraid’. Listen to your best friend utter the words ‘marriage is like a room with no exit door’ and you’ll wonder, can anything good ever come out of it?

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Boss Constrictor

It would be nice to announce that your boss is irresistibly stunning and a delight to work with, but that would be a lie, certainly for many of us. Not only does he breathe down your neck, almost daily, but his words and acts go through you like the proverbial warm knife on any dairy product. Only a bulging account, at the end of the month, gives you temporary amnesia and anesthesia.

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It’s all a Game, Right?

We live in this mysterious enticing world of flirting and romance. It’s as if there’s some in-built source code or formula that one is supposed to have to be able to swim in the deep, shark-infested sea called dating. You’re magically supposed to know when to give a little, when to smile a little, when to wink, when to hold back, when to let go and finally when to reveal it all.

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Sweet or Sour

We hear them every day, we work with them every single moment. The magnitude of the power they carry is unimaginable, unthinkable. And yet they are never fully appreciated by those who use them.

Where would the world be without Words?

They are tools we use to build each other with, but in equal respect, cause untold pain, inflicting wounds that deeply scar. They draw back the veil of the heart revealing friend or foe, bringing out the most subtle insincerity or genuine soul.

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