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Sum of all Fears

Courage is not the absence of fear. It is the awareness of deep fears within, the challenges and obstacles ahead, and the serious doubts around, then mustering the guts to press on. That is courage.

A drop falls to the ground, another on your palm. It’s quite strange that you are sweating. A clear sky, alright, but it’s the dead of night and cold, really cold. Wiping your forehead, you look over your shoulder to see all those years you’ve been trudging. It’s a cruel world out here, you think.

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Stand Down, Private!

We, Kenyans, are bordering on insane when it comes to education. We are some of the most educated people living in the face of the earth. We want certificates, degrees, diplomas, masters, doctorates et cetera. We will go overseas or under seas till we reach that point that says ‘No education beyond here’.

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Victoria, Please…tell me Something!

Men have been accused of having roving eyes. And these eyes will feast on anything wearing a skirt, making a man leave the wife of his youth to spend vast amounts of hard earned cash money trying to please a temporary catch.

With steam emanating from within like a pressure cooker, the minds of unfortunate wives are left to go bonkers as many feel like hammering the living daylights out of these carriers of the XY chromosome.

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