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Baby Daddy

So it never happened, the Father’s Day feeling he had anticipated. Now he is thinking, what was so relevant about it? He had a child, alright. But the day was so meaningless to him; it just did not make sense at all.

He knows there’s been an outcry about the male role model species disappearing. What we have are men who are quick to bed someone, men who are quick to disappear when the fruits of their labor become visible.

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Courageous Cowards

There are statements that we love to use; ‘I trust God’, ‘I believe in Him’, ‘He’s promised to deliver’. Big statements that show a belief in the supernatural, a supreme being we call the Almighty. Statements that show faith, that though the norm says A cannot happen before B, we believe it can.

But the question that lingers is, if God was to pull an Abraham on you, would you do it? Would you wait for years to get that child He promised? Or leave that well-paying job so as to pursue a purpose or passion you have no idea will meet your basic needs?

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Bad Girls…Incoming!

Men, if there’s one thing we can never ever fathom, it’s a world without women. Heck, it would be inhabitable. It is painfully unbearable to imagine no more stunning beauty, sashaying style or that mellow voice. It can never happen, to think that the person in front of you is always a Man.

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Prove It

Two little words that stop you right in the middle of your verbal tracks, and there follows a deadly pause as you decide whether to put up or shut up. The person on the other side cannot go on like this. No. Not like someone who seems more of a family friend than a heart’s desire.

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Writing is a funny thing, ain’t it?

If you went through the Kenyan education system, there are several scores you would like to settle with the famous 8-4-4 system. Everyone I’ve met has had a problem with it and we’re still complaining so many years later. I personally think that the university curriculum should be given a fresh overhaul if we are to achieve vision 2030. But that’s a topic for another day. Read the rest of this entry »

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One in Financial Matrimony

Whenever the term ‘wedding’ pops up, a soon-to-be married couple gets excited and it appears like a fulfillment of a romantic journey, the fruits of which would be partaken very soonest. There’s all talk of living happily ever after, finances, kids, ambition, goals, dreams, desires, finances, education, in-laws, holidays, finances. Wait, did I mention finances?

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Your Salary is Enough – Part 2

You’ve heard it before. There are those who earn less than you do but make most of it. It kills you hearing such a statement. You wish to borrow a leaf if not the tree. Is it that you don’t earn enough money? Yes, you do. So what is the problem?

Here’s the thing. It’s not that we have a problem with our salaries (I am hiding from your stilettos and double-edged stares). No. What we have is a problem managing what we earn. This in turn makes us have a love affair with financial experts through their personal finance/financial management courses and seminars. At work, in town or even in church, we are eager to hear what these gurus have to say. Read the rest of this entry »


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